Granite Countertops

Granite is an all natural stone product, mined from the earth. Offered in a wide variety of colors and patterns, every slab is unique. Most granite comes with a highly polished finish, although some stone comes with a honed surface. Since granite is a stone that can be found naturally, no piece of stone is identical to other. If you are looking for elements that could make your kitchen’s design really unique, granite could be the solution for you.

Stain Resistance
Granite must be sealed with a quality natural stone sealer that is non-toxic for food service applications. If you re-seal you counter on a regular basis, the surface should stay relatively protected. The most important thing to know is that you can not use chemical cleaners to clean the stone. Chemical cleaners such as Windex, 409 and Simple Green will strip the sealer away, leaving your surface unprotected.

Heat Resistance
Granite is almost heat proof. The reason we say heat proof is that in some instances, extreme temperature change can cause a crack of fissure to split apart. Other than that, most cookware will not get hot enough to damage natural stone. Because of this, we always recommend a hot pad or trivet.


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